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She lives! ;-P  (Admittedly, I have been spending excessive amounts of time on tumblr recently, because pretty pictures are nice and stress free...)

Aaaaaanyhoo, this morning I’m delighted to be part of Mark West’s latest short fic mixtape – it being Women in Horror month, the theme is, quite naturally, Women in Horror. My personal pick is for one of the many excellent stories in Tananarive Due‘s Ghost Summer: Stories collection, which is a book I enthusiastically recommend you all go out and buy, just because!   But the particular story I’ve picked is also available online at m’beloved Lightspeed so you can pop over to read the Mixtape then link through to read the story! (Is that a deal or what?)

Elsewhere across the interwebs, the gloriousness that is the Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse has resurrected from its shallow grave to fight the good fight once more, so you’ll find me and many others popping up there with info, meta and all manner of oddness.  Thus far we’ve covered survival rations and stocking your pantry, the art of protest signs, humour as an essential survival tool, how to date an egomaniacal dictator and my own contribution – a vaguely Resident Evil inspired ramble on Beware the Monsters.

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So, for those of you following the Girl's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse blog, shift your bookmarks over as we've moved to a spanky new wordpress site at -

Not only that... but we've now got a proper Facebook page you can like, and two (yes, two!) twitter feeds at @apocalypsegirls and @apocalypselotti.

So whatever your apocalypse needs, we have them covered! :-)
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It seems to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle day on Girls' Guide to the Apocalypse as I've managed two posts on the little buggers - an early warning of imminent doom in The Ninja Turtle Threat and if the thought of watching the Ninja Rap video scares you too much, there's also the Ninja Turtle cocktail to help dull the pain.

And from the other Apocalypse Girls this month can also be found more cocktails; How to Destroy Humanity - A Guide for Alien Invasion (Part 1), for the Downton Abbey fans - a poll to see which one of the Crawley sisters would survive the apocalypse; more music, reading and accessories; a giveaway of Jonathan Maberry's 'King of Plagues' and, ooh, loads more.

Check us out here!
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This week on Girl's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse, I've posted five (yes, five!) thingybobs:
For Movie Week there's very short word-burps on 28 Days/Weeks Later and Stonehenge Apocalypse (because, really, SA is such delightful bobbins it has to be mentioned!)
In the Know Your Idols category, I've wittered on about Major Eden Sinclair (of Doomsday fame) and Martha Jones and then there's the next one in the Getting Around series - By Water.

But don't just go for me, the fab Apocalypse Girl collective have posted on a wide variety of movies for our Movie Week, and also new this week are more music and clothes for the apocalypse, useful survival skills, defense against zombies from a proper martial artist, kick-ass mothers, weaving your own rug when resources are low, and, ooh, lots of loveliness!

And we're now on twitter - @ApocalypseGirls - who knew the apocalpse could be so much fun!
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So today, spud, I'm on the very awesome Girls' Guide to the Apocalypse blog (go check it out!) talking about how to get around in your post-apocalyptic environment by the cunning use of air travel. (Road, sea and space to follow in later posts!)

If you haven't already discovered the Guide, then you've missed out on a variety of funky tips such as picking your team and knowing your idols, how to pack, what to grow when the world settles down, home defence, what to wear, what to listen to, knowing your enemy, handy crafts...and, ooh, loads more!

Check it out now!


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