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Nov. 2nd, 2015 12:10 pm
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Yes, it's November. And we all know what that means don't we?  Nanowrimo!  Woohoo! And this year I've actually got the time to do it properly.  No OU work, dayjob dropping away (which at some point in a couple of months will be mildly worrying but right now it's a bit of a relief, tbh.) and as a bonus, a million things I've been wanting to get written, all waiting for the perfect opportunity.

So this year I'm doing a short fiction manic thing.  On account of having a list of at least twenty five shorts I need to write, just cos.  So, under the cut will be a progress wotsit, just to keep me honest.
As of day two, I've just over 5k words written, with story #1 finished, and story #2 just started.

Short Fic Palooza -

Lost Girl series - (why yes, those titles do have a striking resemblence to the Lost Boys soundtrack.... ;-)  )
Lost in the Shadows - completed, 3705 words
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down - ongoing, 1399
People are Strange
Laying Down the Law
Power Play
Good Times
Beauty Has Her Way
Cry Little Sister
I Still Believe
To the Shock of Miss Louise

Fox Tales series -
First They Must Catch You
The Company of Ravens
Somebody Else’s Skin
Time and the Tides

Tequila series -
To Hell with the Salt, Lemon, and Lime
Tequila Goblin
The Curse of Tequila

Out of Time series -
Temple Dogs of the Lesser Sun
Forever May Not Be Long Enough
Written in Dust
Lost: One City. Reward Offered

Randoms -
Eliminate the Impossible
Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies
Refrigerator Men
Control, Alt, Escape

Onwards to write-fest!

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