Meme Day 7

Mar. 16th, 2015 01:40 pm
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Day 7 of ze meme!

Day 7 - Four memories you won’t forget
Erm, right then. Given that I've got a terrible memory generally, let's give this a go then....

1 - When I was five or six I had this really intense nightmare about vulture monster-men stalking through the house trying to kill people and if you were really still and didn't breathe they wouldn't know you were alive when they bent over the bed to suck the life out of you.  This then segued into them hunting me around some place after a coach had gone off with all the rest of people... and I woke up just as one found me hiding in a garagey place.  A few years later I saw The Dark Crystal and it took a while to realise that the Skeksis were very similar to the original vulture monster-men, though which came first I'm still not sure.

2 - my parents ran a video rental service back in the day.  This was before video rental shops were a thing so we had shelves of videos in our lounge and people coming around to hire stuff.  (We also had some chancer break into our garage cos apparently they thought that's where the stock was kept)  I remember the videos in the posh looking brown library cases, and mum picking films for us to watch.  Well just me, probably, as this would be either just before or just after baby sis was born.  Legend has it that as family businesses went, this one did quite well - at least until one of the suppliers got busted for supplying pirate videos then everybody he sold to got visits from the cops and their stock hauled off as evidence. Mum has forever been bitter that they took the posh cases she'd brought as well as the actual tapes...

3 - Sunrise over the crossing between Ibiza and Formentera when I was about 12 or 13.  I don't remember which way across we were going though it was probably Formentera to Ibiza to catch the plane home.  Anyhoo, it was a tiddly ferry with maybe two dozen tourists crammed in, and I remember it going from dark to a mess of colours bleeding through the sky and part of my brain desperately trying to remember what colours and in what order for later writerly purposes.  The sound went weird too, with the crowd noise going that kind of distant echoey you get when it snows.  These days work means I'm up regularly pre-dawn to see the light change, but nothing yet beats the sight of sunrise over the ocean.

4 - when I first met m' good friend and co-editor Jan, she terrified me.  I was 19ish, it was my first convention, a late 90's Fantasycon in Birmingham, and I'd volunteered to gopher as a way to get past the usual social anxiety and general shyness issues.  Jan and Pete were, I believe, the chairs of that one, doing their last organising before they let some other mug take over, with Jan in charge of general ops stuff.  I think Jan may have been chair of the BFS at that point as well.  So yes, Jan was the boss of everything, fear her wrath!  Stuffing bags I could totally do, raffle-runner was a new one,but doable, ordering drinks from the bar not so much.  And I was a young looking 19 and always getting carded so the barman was reluctant to serve me, which I had to then go back and tell the reg desk crew.  Mortified is not the half of it. (Seriously, you do not go back to Fcon peeps without drinks, it's an executionable offence!) This left me generally feeling like a useless wassock and I hid for a bit.   Fortunately things got better after that. :-)

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