Meme Day 6

Mar. 14th, 2015 03:14 pm
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Daaaaaaay 6 of the meme!

Day 6 - Five things you can’t live without

1 - my kindle.  I ran out of space to store books long ago and I do have this teeeeeny book buying habit.  So now I'm ebook whenever possible so I can have alllllll the books and cart them around wherever, and it's sooooo much easier to find the older books when I reread.  I love my kindle.

2 - My laptop & an internet connection.   Just about everything I do is digital, from studying (the OU is moving to a lot of online content these days) and note taking, to day-job work, to writing and editing and generally bouncing around the internet finding out stuff and reading fanfic and online mags and daring to talk to people across social media... laptop & internet connection is essential.

3 - Dropbox.  I've had that many computers die on me that cloud storage is also essential and makes the inevitable annual computer recovery/reinstall relatively quick and painless...and the shared folders are brilliant both for the dayjob and for the writing and editing as it makes it so much easier for sharing files between publishers and crit buddies and so forth.

4 - iPhone.  Which is bizarre, as I hate phones generally. But! Apps!  iPhone with the dropbox app means I can access my home stuff outside the house, and there's convention program apps!  And map apps! (which given how easily I get lost, even when i've got a paper map to hand...) and m'kindle app and games and run-tracker apps... all on a teeny sized phone!  I love my gadgets small and portable.  Now if they could just make them with longer lasting batteries...

5 - iPad.  For those times when a laptop is just a wee bit too big and the iPhone too small!  And fantastic for conventions and other trips away!   Er, this was a bit of a tech obsessed things I can't live without thing wasn't it!  :-P

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